Make your customers feel even better!

Exercise & fashion create the most feel good shopping experience.

Customer Engangement

Increase Brand Equity

Positive Social Impact

Health-Oriented Customer Base


Way beyond likes and comments Instant Engagement.

Customers search the world wide web for the best deals online, but never before have they been able to influence them, until now. People will literally be chasing after that reward and thinking about your brand while they are doing exercise.

The brand will form a larger and more meaningful part of the customer life through rewarding them with something they value – living healthy in style.


1st discount platform to improve brand equity The discounts you’ve earned.

Overusing discounts is a sign of brand weakness – it makes people question the quality & value of the brand.

We turn that weakness into a strength. Discounts become fashion wellness rewards to improve brand equity through a feel good shopping experience. People feel good from the exercise, feel good for earning that top and feel & look even better in your clothes.


Social impact Active in style. Become the ambassador of healthy lifestyle.

Styliff enables brands to make a positive impact on their customers’ health through an active lifestyle.

The world desperately needs to be more active, and fashion brands are in a position to be at the forefront of this movement – a fantastic CSR strategy.

New marketing channel Health-oriented customers.

Our partners from corporate wellness are looking for new ways to get people more active. Tap into the vast customer base that can successfully liquidate stock in style.