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Human Resources Reinvented

Equal Group

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Human Resources Reinvented

Equal Group

Equal Group is the first HR platform that gives organisations the tools and support they need to fully reap the advantages that come from embracing diversity and inclusion.




Equal Group Corporation Ltd


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Understanding The Problem

The Challenge

HR management has long been troubled with ineffective hiring process. The lack of inclusion and the presence of the diversity bias are still a recurring issue. Can a robust data driven objective approach ensure the hiring that embraces diversity and also achieves the highest performance scores?

What we did

The Solution

The Equal Group approached us to design an app that allows employers to better filter, select and hire qualified candidates without the multiple interviews hassle that the HR managers have been used to. An all-in-one type solution. At the same time, it uses a data driven approach of automatically screening job candidates. It is one of the first HR platforms that allows recruiters to easily create and add aptitude tests to the hiring process. We were eager to create not only an efficient and user friendly app, but a stylish and refreshing visual experience.

Styliff Tech - Equal Group
What’s inside


Multifunctional Dashboard

From adding and filtering jobs to obtaining analytic reports.


An automated hiring process that requires very little manual input.


Compare different demographic clusters, analyse their performances and test scores.

Aptitude Tests

A crucial part of the vetting process, with easily accessible results and analytics.

Styliff Tech - Equal Group
Styliff Tech - Equal Group
Styliff Tech - Equal Group
Styliff Tech - Equal Group
Styliff Tech - Equal Group
Styliff Tech - Equal Group

Our Design Process

Feel & Look

A dark theme that we normally see in fintech apps was chosen for this project. We gave our take to the client’s vision of a futuristic and a forward-looking interface, highlighting the graphics and charts for an easy visualisation. We ended up with a sleek and appealing look of a highly functional and dynamic platform.

We employed a visual design aiming to be attractive, user friendly and professional to revolutionise the hiring process as we know it.