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Workwear Fitting

Lidl Retail

Workwear Fitting

Lidl Retail

Working with the third largest global retailer, Lidl, we built a custom machine learning algorithm to deliver the first virtual workwear fitting app for their workforce.







Understanding The Problem

The Challenge

Having over 300,000 employees with a 150% turnover rate presents its own challenges. One of which is that all new staff members had to report to an off-site location to try on new uniforms at everyone’s inconvenience. Lidl wanted to create a better first impression with their new staff and automate the hassle of this process.

We were requested to make a virtual fitting workwear app for Lidl employees with a 90% fitting accuracy. Traditionally people need to measure themselves and input all their body data points to achieve this accuracy. This user experience is simply not acceptable, so we had to reimagine this online fitting method.

We faced a common trade off between data collection methods & UX, where the more data the better but less is more with users. UX should always take priority, otherwise people simply give up, leaving you with no data for your algorithm.

What we did

The Solution

We built a workwear fitting app that took under 1 minute to order a new uniform with a 90% accuracy! This was a very user friendly process where employees selected their basic biometric data, body shapes and we created a one of a kind feature that asked ‘what brand size currently fits you well?’.

To create this feature and remove this major pain point of measuring yourself. We conducted an initial ‘pilot test’ to gather sample data and downloaded sizing charts from all fashion brands to train our machine learning algorithm. This feature streamlined the UX to reduce the number of steps to make the process of ordering workwear much easier & faster for Lidl staff.

Styliff Tech - Lidl
What’s inside


No Measuring

Employees can now select what current brand fits them well to remove the hassle of measuring themselves.

30s Process

Employees select their body shape to streamline the UX and reduce the process to 30 seconds.

Fitting Preference

We added a fitting preference to ensure employees were comfortable in their own fit, it was a nice touch to show Lidl cared about their new staff.

Machine Learning

The proprietary machine learning algorithm recommends the perfect workwear size.

Styliff Tech - Lidl
Styliff Tech - Lidl

Our Design Process

Feel & Look

Body data is a sensitive area that we addressed with our UI design. We employed the use of body animations to lighten the process. We decided to go with just three body shape options to reduce body categorization of people with extreme sizes.

Words from the client

‘We partner only with the most innovative companies and Styliff is completely changing the workwear ordering process.’

Styliff Tech - Lidl