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Ride The Beat

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Dance Videos

Ride The Beat

RTB or Ride the Beat is a subscription based app for accessing professional choreographed videos to learn how to dance anywhere and anytime.




Diversity Films Ltd



Unlocking The Potential

The Opportunity

RTB have a bold vision to build the Spotify for Dancing but shared the same challenge of many startups, which is how to make an app on a budget. We brought our own start up experience & methodology to the project, that is grounded in Agile & lean principles. We opted for our design led process to bring their vision to life with our cost efficient interactive prototype.

This design process (with the MOSCOW method) helped us test, scope out and implement the ‘Must Have’ features in order to start generating revenue! We do believe this is the best practice in how to start a business.

What we did

The Solution

Welcome to Spotify for Dancing, on the home feed people can browse through all the dancing categories to inspire people to find their favourite dance routine. They can try out an easy to follow dance routine at home and dance like no one is watching!

Unlike many other fitness & wellness apps, users can immediately start trying out dance videos. We want people to immerse themselves in feel good dance routines and fall in love with this fun form of exercise. Once people get into the swing of things and the charm of dancing has worked it’s magic. We seamlessly integrated a subscription based model into the user experience to convert them into paying customers.

Styliff Tech - RTB
What’s inside


Home of Dance

The home feed is filled with the beautiful artwork of different dancers to inspire people to try it out!


People earn badges for completing their dance routines to instill a sense of progress.


We seamlessly integrated a subscription based model into the user experience to convert them into paying customers.

Video Player

Easy to follow routines with simple controls to learn how to dance at your own pace.

Styliff Tech - RTB
Styliff Tech - RTB
Styliff Tech - RTB
Styliff Tech - RTB

Our Design Process

Feel & Look

We went with a clean interface to allow the beautiful photography to shine and bring out the colourful spirit of dancing. This created a sleek and stylish look to appeal to the dancing community.

RTB is now equipped with a user friendly, attractive and well-designed application to really shake up the dancing world.

Words from the client

‘At Shiken our mission is to make learning as easy and stress-free as possible. The Styliff team was a great fit for us as working with them has also been easy and stress-free and allowed us to quickly scale our tech team and hit our KPIs and development goals on time. Styliff’s collaborative approach enabled quick integration into our existing dev and ops team and they immediately understood what was required. What we especially love about Styliff is their design-led approach which has helped to build on and optimise our existing UX.’

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