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Medicine Education


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Medicine Education


In Japanese Shiken (試験) means ‘examination’ or ‘test’. Shiken is one of the leading AI-powered & Mindfullness platforms to reinvent learning for medical students




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Understanding The Problem

The Challenge

The Shiken team members found their medical studies boring and time-consuming. They wanted to create a powerful personalised learning tool with the use of A.I technology to learn smarter and mindfulness techniques to improve retention of knowledge. 

They approached the Styliff team to translate this new method into a mobile app experience for students to learn in a faster & painless manner. They wanted our UI magic touch to make the revision experience more friendly & engaging. We were up for the challenge.


Styliff Tech - Shiken
What we did

The Solution

With a fast onboarding process, users jumped straight into their own topics to enable the Shiken AI to quickly assess and identify how you best learn to streamline the process. The mobile app optimised your revision by tailoring your learning experience around your key areas of improvements.

We carefully integrated mindfulness techniques into the workflow to remind students to look after yourself while learning and stay relaxed. We hope we paved the way for a more efficient, engaging & stress-free experience to exam success!

What’s inside


Novel Navigation

A sleek navigation menu for users to jump straight into their custom made revision & mock exams, access their learning resources.


See our A.I driven analytics that suggest your areas for improvement & view your general progress towards revision success


We integrated mindfulness tips & techniques to instill positive revision habits that will help students recall information in the exam.

My Library

Jump straight back into their revision & mock exams with the help of relevant resources to improve their revision.

Our Design Process

Feel & Look

Before flexing our animation skills, we started mapping out a strong wireframe foundation that focuses on navigation transitions. To compliment the mindfulness branding of Shiken, we added animated characters to add a playful and friendly personality to the app.

Together with our minimalistic design to keep the revision experience as light as possible, the mobile app bridges advanced technology and approachable personality.

Words from the client

‘At Shiken our mission is to make learning as easy and stress-free as possible. The Styliff team was a great fit for us as working with them has also been easy and stress-free and allowed us to quickly scale our tech team and hit our KPIs and development goals on time. Styliff’s collaborative approach enabled quick integration into our existing dev and ops team and they immediately understood what was required. What we especially love about Styliff is their design-led approach which has helped to build on and optimise our existing UX.’

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