Uniform-to-Health Risk

Struggling to find health data for your population health management? People are wearing it.

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and see how Styliff takes health tech to a whole new level.

Styliff can calculate health risk from your clothing size

Our proprietary algorithms calculate BMI and WHtR.

  • Uniform Fitting App

    Uniform Fitting App

    Employees enter their body & fitting data to order the right size of uniform for lower returns.

    All data is encrypted, anonymous and HIPAA compliant.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    In the mean time, Styliff non invasively anaylses the body data with BMI & Waist-to-Height metrics and creates a Styliff Health Score. Waist-to-Height ratio is a more accurate predictor than BMI to predict risk of chronic diseases.

    Our machine learning algorithms are proprietary work of Styliff Inc.

  • Health Analytics

    Health Analytics

    Styliff Anayltics health data is anonymous & aggregated – data compliant – to find out how the distribution of risk varies across geography, stores, job occupation...

    To used for effective planning of benefit coverage for actuaries and wellness tracking for HR & wellness managers.

Watch how it works

A simple and fast 30 second process for the employee to receive the right fitting uniform, while the employer can analyze wellness and health data of their staff.

Styliff data can predict 20% of future medical claims

BMI is a powerful predictor of future medical claims – 100,000 lives studied for 2 years in the US by Milliman

  • “Styliff is completely changing the workwear ordering process.”
    Slovenia, Europe